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Weekly Handicaps
    Orlando Disc Golf Weekly Handicap Rules & Regulations

Check the Events page for times and locations, Click here for Current Handicaps per person.
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$5 entry fee for standard play
$10 entry fee for standard play plus Ace Fund and four CTP’s

Non-Members: $7 entry fee for standard play
$12 entry fee for standard play plus Ace Fund and four CTP’s
Ace Fund:

$1 if player chooses $5/$7 entry level (included in $10/$12 entry level)
Ace Payout is Instant $125 for anyone that hits an Ace during Handicaps

Please refer to ODG payout schedule for cash payout.
$ 5 Entry Level - $4 to cash payout, $1 to ODG General Fund.
$10 Entry Level - $4 to cash payout, $1 to ODG General Fund, $1 to Ace Fund, $4 to CTP funds
Non-Members surcharge will be allocated to the ODG General Fund.

A minimum of three rounds are needed to establish a handicap and participate for cash payout.
New participants will need three rounds to establish. ODG members establish at no cost. Non-members are
assessed a $5 fee for each establishing round. After the completion of three establishing
rounds, a non-members’ establishing fees will equal $15 – the annual ODG membership dues level.
At this time they become an Orlando Disc Golf member. There is no time limit to establish.


A true average of at least three rounds is required. Actual handicap will be factored by taking the
true average of the player’s last seven rounds. If there are under seven rounds with established
scores, the number of official rounds recorded will be used until seven is obtained. At that point, the
last seven scores recorded for a player will represent the handicap. Non-whole averages will be
rounded down the closest whole number (exp: 3.27?? 3.0 or -3.27?? -3.0).

The course for each round will be determined the morning of the round facilitating multiple
configuration of both courses and four separate 9-hole sections. Currently the course configuration
will be created as to make all potential course combinations play as close to equal as possible. We
have assigned a par value to each 9-hole section allowing ODG to compute the players +/- score in
relation to par and the course played that round.

Orlando Disc Golf Handicaps Glossary of Terms

ACE Fund:
During a Handicap round, if a hole-in-one is hit, that player is entitled to the ACE Fund, if the player
paid into the ACE Fund for that Handicap and prior to the start of the round where the Ace was hit:
- Payout for Ace is $125 at all times.
- Multiple Aces within a single round each pay $125
Cash CTP:
Closest to the pin on the designated holes will receive the Cash CTP Fund for that hole. There are
four Cash CTP holes each round. The payout will be determined by the number of players
participating in the CTP entry level for that round prior to the start of the round.
General Fund:
Used for Orlando Disc Golf activities only. Supplies for course maintenance, annual member appreciation party,
sponsoring other clubs events, ODG discs and apparel, donations to charities, member ID cards,
running of events, and general operational funds.
A player is considered an Orlando Disc Golf member if they are in good standing with the ODG and have paid
their current annual dues. Dues period coincides with the calendar year.
A player is considered a Non-Member if they if they do not meet the requirements of being a member.
Standard Play:
Standard Play includes participation in the handicapped round, the opportunity to be awarded cash
payout and administrative tasks.
The amount of monies available for award.

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